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Welcome to Sea Dancer Acacia Dive Center in Dahab, Egypt (Red Sea)

Sea Dancer Acacia is a family owned dive center in Dahab, newly opened in April 2011. We are located at the Acacia Hotel and have excellent facilities as well as brand new equipment. Sea Dancer Acacia is the new branch of Sea Dancer Dive Center, a 5 star PADI resort that has been operating since 2000.

This was a natural move taking into account our success over the previous few years which saw our diver numbers increase dramatically.

‘Sea Dancer Acacia’, is the first link in a chain which we hope will eventually extend to other locations throughout Egypt, offering the same value and quality which has become our trademark.

With so many dive operators now in Dahab it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you. Here are some of the things you should consider:


The days are gone when diving was regarded as a dangerous activity. That’s not say there are no risks involved, of course there are, but most risks are easy to avoid with good equipment, good dive practices, professional staff and adherence to local and international diving federation rules.


Good, well maintained dive gear and tanks are essential for a great diving holiday.


Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and experienced guides turn a good dive into a great dive.


Some divers kill coral. Not a nice fact, but true. With correct buoyancy control, obeying local laws and paying close attention to briefings you can make sure your interaction with the reef is not harmful to either you or the reef.

Sea Dancer Acacia Dive Center in Dahab, Egypt (Red Sea)

Group size:

Diving in small groups is always safer and more enjoyable.


Combine the above factors and your diving holiday will be much more rewarding and more fun.

Over the years we have established a reputation for friendliness, professionalism, quality equipment, environmental awareness and above all, excellent safety standards. We offer a far more personal atmosphere than most centers; to us diving is a passion, not just a business.

Sea Dancer welcomes safe, environmentally aware divers.